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Apple is Building its 1st China-based Data Center

Apple is building a new data center in China in order to comply with new cybersecurity laws passed last year that, among other restrictions, require companies to store data for Chinese users on servers located in China, via The Wall Street Journal.

The data center will be located in the province of Guizhou as part of a $1 billion investment by Apple in the area. As Bloomberg reports, the new data center will be operated by Guizhou-Cloud Big Data — which was co-founded by the government of Guizhou — in partnership with Apple, since the new regulations require that the data centers be managed by Chinese company.

Apple will be storing iCloud data from customers in the new data center, with the company set to migrate users’ existing data — which includes backups, cloud file storage, and photos — in the coming months to the new Guizhou location...

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